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The first panels on the pallet were fine after about half way through The weight from the top half widened the bottom 24.5" to 25+" we pulled 24.5 centers but that did not change the whole sheet 3/4 through the building panels would not line up angle provided just tore out holes steel master blames everything but them selves told me to take down redo last 5 arches one piece at a time that did not work gained a little had 4 full runs of centering angle purchased by me the just provide some fast talking phone help and when that don't help they say it's your fault never check on the product or have contractors to hire or assist they told me to drill holes and make it fit and that the angle provided was to light for my building and that there was not enough.. What a money pit do not buy on cheaper and faster to stick build

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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